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D & O AdvisorElectronic access

DíkaionElectronic access

D&B Country Report: GreeceElectronic access

D-Lib magazineElectronic access

D.C. Digest

D.C. tracts

DAAAM International Scientific BookElectronic access

DadosElectronic access

Daena International Journal of Good ConscienceElectronic access

The Daily astorianElectronic access

Daily camera (Boulder, CO)Electronic access

Daily Champion (Nigeria)Electronic access

Daily Compilation of Presidential DocumentsElectronic access

Daily Courier (Connellsville, PA)Electronic access

Daily DealElectronic access

Daily Gazette (Sterling, IL)Electronic access

Daily GlobeElectronic access

Daily item (Sunbury, PA)Electronic access

Daily journal of commerce (Portland, OR)Electronic access

Daily mail (London)Electronic access

Daily monitor (Ethiopia)Electronic access

Daily News (Bowling Green, KY)Electronic access

The Daily News (Jacksonville, NC)Electronic access

Daily news (Los Angeles, CA)Electronic access

Daily News (New York, NY)Electronic access

Daily News RecordElectronic access

The daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK)Electronic access

Daily press (Newport News, VA)Electronic access

Daily Press (Victorville, CA)Electronic access

Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA)Electronic access

The daily record (Baltimore, MD)Electronic access

The daily record (Kansas City, MO)Electronic access

The daily record (Rochester, NY)Electronic access

Daily RecordElectronic access

Daily ReporterElectronic access

Daily Republic (Mitchell, SD)Electronic access

The Daily Review (Hayward, CA)Electronic access

Daily Review, The (Towanda, PA)Electronic access

The Daily ReviewElectronic access

Daily Star (Oneonta, NY)Electronic access

Daily telegram (Superior, WI)Electronic access

Daily TrustElectronic access

Daily VarietyElectronic access

The daily yomiuri (Tokyo, Japan)Electronic access

Dairy FarmerElectronic access

Dairy FarmerElectronic access

Dairy FieldElectronic access

Dairy FoodsElectronic access

Dairy Foods NewsletterElectronic access

Dairy Industries InternationalElectronic access

Dairy science & technologyElectronic access

Dairy TodayElectronic access

Dakota Roundtable IIIElectronic access

Dakota Roundtable IIElectronic access

Dakota RoundtableElectronic access

Dalal Street Investment JournalElectronic access

Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary ManagementElectronic access

Dalhousie Journal of Legal StudiesElectronic access

Dalhousie Law JournalElectronic access

Dalhousie ReviewElectronic access

Dallas Business JournalElectronic access

The Dallas morning news (Dallas, TX)Electronic access

Dallas Morning NewsElectronic access

Dallas/Fort Worth Business JournalElectronic access

The Dalles chronicleElectronic access

Dalumat Multikultural at Multidisiplinaryong E Journal sa Araling FilipinoElectronic access

Dance MagazineElectronic access

Dance research journalElectronic access

Dance SpiritElectronic access

Dancecult Journal of Electronic Dance Music CultureElectronic access

DandB Country Report The Democratic Republic of Congo ZaireElectronic access

The danger of bone metastasis : when cancer spreads to the boneElectronic access

The danger on our platesElectronic access

The dangers of neutropeniaElectronic access

Danish medical bulletin

Danish Medical JournalElectronic access

Danish Va Tandurusti Knowledge and HealthElectronic access

Dansk Universitetspaedagogisk TidsskriftElectronic access

Danville Register & Bee (Danville, VA)Electronic access

Danza e Ricerca Laboratorio di Studi Scritture VisioniElectronic access

Dao: a journal of comparative philosophyElectronic access

Dar Es Salaam Medical Students JournalElectronic access

DarkmatterElectronic access

Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of ScienceElectronic access

Daru Journal of the faculty of pharmacy Tehran University of Medical SciencesElectronic access

DarwinianaElectronic access

Data & knowledge engineeringElectronic access

Data acquisition and processing in biology and medicine; proceedings of the Rochester Conference

Data baseElectronic access

The data base for advances in information systems : a quarterly publication of SIGBITElectronic access

Data Base ManagementElectronic access

Data Based AdvisorElectronic access

Data ChannelsElectronic access

Data CommunicationsElectronic access

Data Communications ManagementElectronic access

Data engineering / International Conference on Data Engineering

Data Envelopment Analysis and Decision ScienceElectronic access

Data mining and knowledge discoveryElectronic access

Data science journalElectronic access

Data Security ManagementElectronic access

Data Security ManagementElectronic access

Data Strategy (Centaur)Electronic access

Database and Network JournalElectronic access

Database programming & designElectronic access

Database SearcherElectronic access

Database Systems JournalElectronic access

Database Trends and ApplicationsElectronic access

Databased Web AdvisorElectronic access

DatabaseElectronic access

Database: the journal of biological databases and curationElectronic access

DatagramazeroElectronic access

DatamationElectronic access

Datamonitor Financial Deals TrackerElectronic access

Datamonitor Industry Market ResearchElectronic access

DataquestElectronic access

DatelineElectronic access

Datenbank-SpektrumElectronic access

Datenschutz und DatensicherheitElectronic access

The Datter

DaughtersElectronic access

DAV MagazineElectronic access

DavarLogosElectronic access

Dave RamseyElectronic access

Dawn JournalElectronic access

The Day (New London, CT)Electronic access

Day to DayElectronic access

Dayton daily news (Dayton, OH)Electronic access

DBMSElectronic access

DC BlogsElectronic access

DC Plan InvestingElectronic access

DC revista de critica arquitectonicaElectronic access

DCD Business ReportElectronic access

DCIElectronic access

De Baca County News (Fort Sumner, NM)Electronic access

De EconomistElectronic access

De Familias y TerapiasElectronic access

Dead Sea DiscoveriesElectronic access

Deadly prescriptions : crime inc.-the underground economyElectronic access

Deafness & education international: the journal of the British Association of Teachers of the DeafElectronic access

Deafness and Hearing Impairment (Fact sheet)Electronic access

Deal MemoElectronic access

Dealer BusinessElectronic access

DealernewsElectronic access

Dealerscope consumer electronics marketplaceElectronic access

Dealerscope MerchandisingElectronic access

DealerscopeElectronic access

Dean and provostElectronic access

Dean's NotesElectronic access

DEARQ Journal of ArchitectureElectronic access

Death education

Death studiesElectronic access

Debate Agrario (Peru)Electronic access

Debate FeministaElectronic access

Debates en SociologíaElectronic access

Debates IESAElectronic access

Debit Cards: beyond Cash and ChecksElectronic access

Debreceni Muszaki KozlemenyekElectronic access

Debt CubedElectronic access

DEC ProfessionalElectronic access

DEC UserElectronic access

Decatur Daily (Decatur, AL)Electronic access

Deccan International Journal of Advanced Research StudiesElectronic access

Decimononica Revista de Produccion Cultural Hispanica DecimononicaElectronic access

Decision (0304-0941)Electronic access

Decision AnalysisElectronic access

Decision Science LettersElectronic access

Decision sciences journal of innovative educationElectronic access

Decision sciencesElectronic access

Decision support systemsElectronic access

Decisions in economics and financeElectronic access

Decolonization Indigeneity Education and SocietyElectronic access

DecubitusElectronic access

DecyzjeElectronic access

Deep brain stimulationElectronic access

Deep sea research. Part I, Oceanographic research papersElectronic access

Deep-sea research. Part II, Topical studies in oceanographyElectronic access

Defence Science JournalElectronic access

DefenseElectronic access

Defense & Aerospace BusinessElectronic access

Defense & AT-LElectronic access

Defense and Aerospace ElectronicsElectronic access

Defense and Security ElectronicsElectronic access

Defense and Strategy / Obrana a strategieElectronic access

Defense AR Journal (Defense Acquisition Review Journal)Electronic access

Defense CleanupElectronic access

Defense Counsel JournalElectronic access

Defense Daily InternationalElectronic access

Defense DailyElectronic access

Defense ElectronicsElectronic access

Defense HorizonsElectronic access

Defense MonitorElectronic access

Defense Transportation JournalElectronic access

Defense WeekElectronic access

Defined Contribution & Savings Plan AlertElectronic access

Degenerative Neurological and Neuromuscular DiseaseElectronic access

DejinyElectronic access

DelaElectronic access

Delaware law weeklyElectronic access

Delaware Medical JournalElectronic access

Delaware Review of Latin American StudiesElectronic access

Delaware State News (Dover, DE)Electronic access

Delete : the art of forgettingElectronic access

Delhi Express (Delhi, CA)Electronic access

Delicious LivingElectronic access

Delmar nurse's drug handbook

DELOS Desarrollo Local SostenibleElectronic access

Delta Farm PressElectronic access

Delta Medical College JournalElectronic access

Dementia and geriatric cognitive disordersElectronic access

Dementia and Geriatric cognitive disorders EXTRAElectronic access

Dementia: the international journal of social research and practiceElectronic access

Democracy and educationElectronic access

Democracy ReaderElectronic access

Demographic researchElectronic access

DemographyElectronic access

DemokratizatsiyaElectronic access

Demolition & Recycling InternationalElectronic access

DendrobiologyElectronic access

DendrochronologiaElectronic access

Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (Fact sheet)Electronic access

Dengue mozzieElectronic access

Denkstrome Journal der Sachsischen Akademie der WissenschaftenElectronic access

Denmark Telecommunications ReportElectronic access

Denning Law JournalElectronic access

Dental abstractsElectronic access

The Dental advisor

Dental and Medical ProblemsElectronic access

Dental angles

The Dental annual

Dental asepsis review / from the Sterilization Monitoring Service, Indiana University School of Dentistry

Dental AssistantElectronic access

The Dental assistant

Dental brief. An American journal of dental science, art and literature

Dental clinics of North AmericaElectronic access

The Dental cosmos

The Dental craftsman

Dental digest

Dental economics

Dental Follicle the E Journal Of DentistryElectronic access

Dental health

Dental historian : Lindsay Club newsletter

Dental hygiene

Dental HypothesesElectronic access

Dental Hypotheses (Mumbai)Electronic access

Dental implantology updateElectronic access

Dental items of interest

Dental items of interest quarterly review

Dental items of significance / United States Air Force, Dental Investigation Service

Dental journal of Australia

Dental journal. Journal dentaire

Dental Lab ProductsElectronic access

Dental laboratory review

Dental management

Dental management

Dental materialsElectronic access

Dental materials journal

Dental materials journal, SNU

Dental outlook

Dental practice & finance

Dental practice management

Dental practice reportElectronic access

Dental practitioner

Dental practitioner and dental record

Dental Press Journal of OrthodonticsElectronic access

Dental Products Report EuropeElectronic access

Dental Products ReportElectronic access

Dental radiography and photography

Dental record; a monthly journal of dental science art and literature

Dental register. A monthly journal of dentistry devoted to the interests of the profession

Dental research and graduate study quarterly
Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Dental School

Dental Research JournalElectronic access

Dental review; devoted to the advancement of dentistry

The dental roster

Dental student

Dental students' magazine

Dental summary

Dental survey

Dental teamwork

Dental traumatologyElectronic access

Dental truth : Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome

Dental update

Dental world : quarterly journal of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

The Dentist's magazine


Dentistry in Japan

Dentistry JournalElectronic access

Dentistry, a digest of practice

Dento maxillo facial radiologyElectronic access

DentumElectronic access

The Denver Business JournalElectronic access

Denver BusinessElectronic access

Denver Journal of International Law and PolicyElectronic access

The Denver Post (Denver, CO)Electronic access

DEP Deportate esuli profugheElectronic access

Department chairElectronic access

The Department of State BulletinElectronic access

DePaul Business & Commercial Law JournalElectronic access

Depik Jurnal Ilmu Ilmu Perairan Pesisir dan PerikananElectronic access

Deposit Account Fraud ProtectionElectronic access

Depression and anxietyElectronic access

Depression research and treatmentElectronic access

Depth of FieldElectronic access

Der ChirurgElectronic access

Der DiabetologeElectronic access

Der GastroenterologeElectronic access

Der GynakologeElectronic access

Der HautarztElectronic access

Der InternistElectronic access

Der IslamElectronic access

der junge zahnarztElectronic access

Der KardiologeElectronic access

Der MKG-ChirurgElectronic access

Der NephrologeElectronic access

Der OnkologeElectronic access

Der OphthalmologeElectronic access

Der OrthopadeElectronic access

Der PathologeElectronic access

Der PneumologeElectronic access

Der RadiologeElectronic access

Der SchmerzElectronic access

Der UnfallchirurgElectronic access

Der UrologeElectronic access

Derecho Comparado de la InformacionElectronic access

Derecho Penal y CriminologiaElectronic access

Derecho PUCElectronic access

Derecho PUCPElectronic access

Deri Hastalklar Ve Frengi ArsiviElectronic access

Derivatives quarterlyElectronic access

Derivatives WeekElectronic access

Dermatitis: contact, atopic, occupational, drug : official journal of the American Contact Dermatitis Society, North American Contact Dermatitis GroupElectronic access

Dermato EndocrinologyElectronic access

Dermato-endocrinologyElectronic access

Dermatologia InternationalisElectronic access

Dermatologia Kliniczna Clinical DermatologyElectronic access

Dermatologia Revista MexicanaElectronic access

Dermatologic clinicsElectronic access

Dermatologic surgeryElectronic access

Dermatologic surgery product news : a supplement to Dermatologic surgery

Dermatologic therapyElectronic access


Dermatology - AestheticElectronic access

Dermatology : international journal for clinical and investigational dermatologyElectronic access

Dermatology and CosmeticElectronic access

Dermatology and syphilis. Urology

Dermatology and TherapyElectronic access

Dermatology nursingElectronic access

Dermatology online journalElectronic access

Dermatology Practical and ConceptualElectronic access

Dermatology ReportsElectronic access

Dermatology research and practiceElectronic access

Dermatology TimesElectronic access


Dermatologia Cosmetica Medica y QuirurgicaElectronic access

Des Moines Business RecordElectronic access

DesacatosElectronic access

DesafíosElectronic access

DesalinationElectronic access

Desarrollo y SociedadElectronic access

Desde el jardin de Freud revista de psicoanalisisElectronic access

Desenvolvimento e Meio AmbienteElectronic access

Desenvolvimento em Quest?oElectronic access

Desert Dancing: Exploring the Land, the People, the Legends of the CaliforniaDesertsElectronic access

Desert dispatch (Barstow, CA)Electronic access

DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information TechnologyElectronic access

Design and technology education an international journalElectronic access

Design automation for embedded systemsElectronic access

Design EngineeringElectronic access

Design for Arts in EducationElectronic access

Design IssuesElectronic access

Design management journalElectronic access

Design management reviewElectronic access

Design NewsElectronic access

Design QuarterlyElectronic access

Design studiesElectronic access

Design WeekElectronic access

Design-BuildElectronic access

DesignfaxElectronic access

Designs, codes, and cryptographyElectronic access

Desmos of Delta Sigma Delta
Delta Sigma Delta

The Destin log (Destin, FL)Electronic access

Detailed Drug Information for the ConsumerElectronic access

DetailsElectronic access

Detroit free press (Detroit, MI)

Detroit MonthlyElectronic access

Detroit Zoological Society PublicationsElectronic access

The DetroiterElectronic access

Deutsche entomologische ZeitschriftElectronic access

Deutsche hydrographische Zeitschrift / Deutsches Hydrographisches Institut, Hamburg = The German hydrographic journal / German Hydrographic Institute, HamburgElectronic access

Deutsche Zahnarztliche Zeitschrift

Deutsche Zeitschrift fur SportmedizinElectronic access

Deutsche Zeitschrift fur AkupunkturElectronic access

Deutsche Zeitschrift fur ChirurgieElectronic access

Deutsche Zeitschrift fur die gesamte gerichtliche MedizinElectronic access

Deutsches ArzteblattElectronic access

Deutsches IngenieurBlattElectronic access

Deutsches Arzteblatt internationalElectronic access

Developing Country StudiesElectronic access

The Developing economiesElectronic access

Developing world bioethicsElectronic access

Developing World EpidemiologyElectronic access

DevelopmentElectronic access

Development and changeElectronic access

Development and GlobalizationElectronic access

Development and psychopathologyElectronic access

Development genes and evolutionElectronic access

Development policy reviewElectronic access

Development, growth & differentiationElectronic access

Developmental and comparative immunologyElectronic access

Developmental biologyElectronic access

Developmental brain researchElectronic access

Developmental cellElectronic access

Developmental Coaching HandbookElectronic access

Developmental cognitive neuroscienceElectronic access

Developmental disabilities research reviewsElectronic access

Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of AnatomistsElectronic access

Developmental immunologyElectronic access

Developmental medicine and child neurologyElectronic access

Developmental medicine and child neurology. SupplementElectronic access

Developmental neurobiologyElectronic access

Developmental neuropsychologyElectronic access

Developmental NeurorehabilitationElectronic access

Developmental neuroscienceElectronic access

Developmental pharmacology and therapeutics

Developmental psychobiologyElectronic access

Developmental psychologyElectronic access

Developmental review: DRElectronic access

Developmental scienceElectronic access

Developments in industrial microbiology : a publication of the Society for Industrial Microbiology

Developments in Mental Health LawElectronic access

Developpement durable et territoiresElectronic access

DevSourceElectronic access

DFZ - Der Freie ZahnarztElectronic access

DG ReviewElectronic access

DH Lawrence ReviewElectronic access

Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesElectronic access

Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and AnthropologyElectronic access

DiabetesElectronic access

Diabetes & metabolic syndrome: clinical research & reviewsElectronic access

Diabetes & metabolismElectronic access

Diabetes & vascular disease research: official journal of the International Society of Diabetes and Vascular DiseaseElectronic access

Diabetes (Fact sheet)Electronic access

Diabetes and metabolism journalElectronic access

Diabetes and Primary CareElectronic access

Diabetes careElectronic access

The Diabetes educatorElectronic access

Diabetes forecastElectronic access

Diabetes in the NewsElectronic access

Diabetes ManagementElectronic access

Diabetes research

Diabetes research and clinical practiceElectronic access

Diabetes spectrum a publication of the American Diabetes AssociationElectronic access

Diabetes technology & therapeuticsElectronic access

Diabetes TherapyElectronic access

Diabetes WeekElectronic access

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity: targets and therapyElectronic access

Diabetes, obesity & metabolismElectronic access

Diabetes/metabolism research and reviewsElectronic access

Diabetic Foot and AnkleElectronic access

Diabetic FootElectronic access

Diabetic HypoglycemiaElectronic access

Diabetic medicineElectronic access

DiabetologiaElectronic access

Diabetologia CroaticaElectronic access

Diabetologia Doswiadczalna i KlinicznaElectronic access

Diabetologia PraktycznaElectronic access

Diabetology & metabolic syndromeElectronic access

Diabetology InternationalElectronic access

Diacronie Studi di Storia ContemporaneaElectronic access

DiaetaElectronic access

Diagnostic and interventional imagingElectronic access

Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Official Journal of the Turkish Society of RadiologyElectronic access

Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopyElectronic access

Diagnostic cytopathologyElectronic access

Diagnostic histopathologyElectronic access

Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging in clinical medicine

Diagnostic imagingElectronic access

Diagnostic medicine

Diagnostic microbiology and infectious diseaseElectronic access

Diagnostic molecular pathologyElectronic access

Diagnostic pathologyElectronic access

Diagnostic updateElectronic access

DiagnosticsElectronic access

Diagnostics & imaging weekElectronic access

Diagnostics and Imaging UpdateElectronic access

Diagnostique: professional bulletin of the Council for Educational Diagnostic ServicesElectronic access

Dialectical anthropologyElectronic access

DialecticaElectronic access

DialectologiaElectronic access

Dialectologia et GeolinguisticaElectronic access

Dialogo das LetrasElectronic access

Dialogos Revista Electronica de HistoriaElectronic access

DialogueElectronic access

Dialogues in clinical neuroscienceElectronic access

Dialogues in human geographyElectronic access

Dialogues in Philosophy Mental and Neuro SciencesElectronic access

DialogueElectronic access

Dialog: a journal of theologyElectronic access

Dialysis, transplantation, nephrology; proceedings of the congress of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association
European Dialysis and Transplant Association

DiametrosElectronic access

Diamond and related materialsElectronic access

Diamond Intelligence BriefsElectronic access

Diamond Light Source proceedingsElectronic access

DianoiaElectronic access

Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational StudiesElectronic access

DIBt MitteilungenElectronic access

Dickens QuarterlyElectronic access

Dickinson Press (Dickinson, ND)Electronic access

Dicle Tip Dergisi Dicle Medical JournalElectronic access

Dicle University Journal of Ziya Gokalp Education FacultyElectronic access

DICP : the annals of pharmacotherapy

Dictionary of organic compounds. Supplement : the constitution and physical, chemical and other properties of the principal carbon compounds and their derivatives, together with relevant literature references

DictynnaElectronic access

Didactica GeograficaElectronic access

Didactica innovacion y multimedia dimElectronic access

Didactica Lengua y LiteraturaElectronic access

Didasc lia Didactica y EducacionElectronic access

Didaskalia ancient theatre todayElectronic access

Dieciocho: Hispanic EnlightenmentElectronic access

DIEGESISElectronic access

Diesel Fuel NewsElectronic access

Diesel Progress - North American EditionElectronic access

Diesel Progress Engines and DrivesElectronic access

Diesel ProgressElectronic access

Diet-Heart NewsletterElectronic access

Diet: a look at processed food, nutrition, and obesity in the 20th century.Electronic access

Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural StudiesElectronic access

Differential Adaptation Strategies To Climate Change In African Cropland By Agro-Ecological ZonesElectronic access

Differential equations & nonlinear mechanicsElectronic access

Differential Equations and Dynamical SystemsElectronic access

Differential equationsElectronic access

Differential geometry and its applicationsElectronic access

Differential Geometry Dynamical systemsElectronic access

DifferentiationElectronic access

Diffusion FundamentalsElectronic access

digElectronic access

The Digest of chiropractic economics

Digest of neurology and psychiatry

Digest of technical papers

DigestionElectronic access

Digestive and liver disease. SupplementsElectronic access

Digestive and liver diseaseElectronic access

Digestive diseasesElectronic access

Digestive diseases and sciencesElectronic access

Digestive endoscopyElectronic access

Digestive surgeryElectronic access

DigitElectronic access

Digital AgeElectronic access

Digital applications in archaeology and cultural heritageElectronic access

Digital Asset ManagementElectronic access

Digital Broadcasting RevolutionElectronic access

Digital Cinema Business Models: The Global OutlookElectronic access

Digital Cinema: Rollout, Business Models and Forecasts to 2010Electronic access

Digital CinematographyElectronic access

Digital CinemaElectronic access

Digital ConnectElectronic access

Digital Culture and EducationElectronic access

Digital Defoe Studies in Defoe and His ContemporariesElectronic access

Digital DirectionsElectronic access

Digital Distribution of Games: Growth Opportunities and Forecasts to 2010Electronic access

Digital Education ReviewElectronic access

Digital humanities quarterly DHQElectronic access

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging DigestElectronic access

Digital Imaging TechniquesElectronic access

Digital investigationElectronic access

Digital journal of ophthalmology DJOElectronic access

Digital libraries : the ... ACM Conference on Digital LibrariesElectronic access

Digital MediaElectronic access

Digital Media Asia

Digital MedievalistElectronic access

Digital News and ReviewElectronic access

Digital ReviewElectronic access

Digital Rights Management and New Entertainment Business Models: A strategicanalysisElectronic access

Digital Signage MagazineElectronic access

Digital Signage QuarterlyElectronic access

Digital signal processingElectronic access

Digital symposium collection

Digital Systems ReportElectronic access

Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital TVElectronic access

Digital Video MagazineElectronic access

Digital-Age Literacy for Teachers

DigitalTV, Television broadcastElectronic access

DIGITHUMElectronic access

DikaiosyneElectronic access

Dilemas Revista de Estudos de Conflito e Controle SocialElectronic access

DILEMATA Revista Internacional de Eticas AplicadasElectronic access

Dimensi Teknik Arsitektur Dimensi Journal of Architecture and Built EnvironmentElectronic access

Dimensions in health service

Dimensions of critical care nursing : DCCNElectronic access

Dimensions of dental hygiene

Dimens?es Revista de Historia da UfesElectronic access

DiogenesElectronic access

Dion GlobalElectronic access

Diplomacy: The U.S. State Department at WorkElectronic access

Diplomatic historyElectronic access

Diplomatic InsightElectronic access

Diplomatic ListElectronic access

Diplomatic ListElectronic access

Diplomatic PanoramaElectronic access

DIREElectronic access

DirectElectronic access

Direct (Online Exclusive)Electronic access

Direct MarketingElectronic access

Direct marketing internationalElectronic access

Direct ResponseElectronic access

DirectorElectronic access

Director's report and annual plan for FY ... , national cancer program
National Cancer Institute (U.S.)

Directors & BoardsElectronic access

DirectorshipElectronic access

Directory / Association of Academic Health Centers
Association of Academic Health Centers (U.S.)

Directory / Oregon Speech and Hearing Association
Oregon Speech and Hearing Association

Directory of American medical education
Association of American Medical Colleges

Directory of physicians in the United States

Directory of published proceedings. Series MLS: Medical/life sciences

Directory of published proceedings. Series SEMT: science/engineering/medicine/technology

Directory of rare analyses : DORA

Directory of the Medical Library Association
Medical Library Association

Direito PublicoElectronic access

Direitos Fundamentais e DemocraciaElectronic access

Diritto Penale ContemporaneoElectronic access

Dirt bikeElectronic access

Dirt RiderElectronic access

DIRTSportsElectronic access

Disability and health journalElectronic access

Disability and rehabilitation. Assistive technologyElectronic access

Disability and rehabilitationElectronic access

Disability CBR and Inclusive DevelopmentElectronic access

Disability compliance for higher educationElectronic access

Disability Leave and Absence ReporterElectronic access

Disability Studies QuarterlyElectronic access

Disability, Culture & EducationElectronic access

Disability, Handicap & SocietyElectronic access

DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance ManagementElectronic access

Disaster management & response: DMRElectronic access

Disaster medicine and public health preparednessElectronic access

DisastersElectronic access

Discharge Planning AdvisorElectronic access

Discount MerchandiserElectronic access

Discount Store NewsElectronic access

Discours. Revue de linguistique, psycholinguistique et informatiqueElectronic access

DiscourseElectronic access

Discourse & communicationElectronic access

Discourse & societyElectronic access

Discourse (Wayne State University)Electronic access

Discourse studiesElectronic access

Discourse, context & mediaElectronic access

Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of EducationElectronic access

DiscoverElectronic access

Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside ScienceElectronic access

Discovering Multicultural AmericaElectronic access

Discovery (Melbourne, Australia)Electronic access

Discrete & computational geometryElectronic access

Discrete applied mathematicsElectronic access

Discrete dynamics in nature and societyElectronic access

Discrete Event Dynamic SystemsElectronic access

Discrete Mathematics & ApplicationsElectronic access

Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science (DMTCS)Electronic access

Discrete mathematics and theoretical computer scienceElectronic access

Discrete mathematicsElectronic access

Discrete optimizationElectronic access

Discrimination AlertElectronic access

Discursos FotograficosElectronic access

Discusiones FilosoficasElectronic access

Discussions of the Faraday Society
Faraday Society

Discussions on Estonian Economic PolicyElectronic access

Disease ManagementElectronic access

Disease management & health outcomesElectronic access

Disease Management AdvisorElectronic access

Disease Management NewsElectronic access

Disease MarkersElectronic access

Disease models & mechanisms: DMMElectronic access

Disease State ManagementElectronic access

Disease State ManagementElectronic access

Disease WarriorsElectronic access

Disease-a-month : DMElectronic access

Diseases of Aquatic OrganismsElectronic access

Diseases of the chest

Diseases of the colon & rectumElectronic access

Diseases of the esophagusElectronic access

Diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat

Diseases of the nervous system

DISEGNARECONElectronic access

Dise?o Urbano y PaisajeElectronic access

The DispatchElectronic access

Display & Design IdeasElectronic access

Display development newsElectronic access

DisplaysElectronic access

Dispute resolution journal: of the American Arbitration AssociationElectronic access

Dispute Resolution MagazineElectronic access

Dissector Journal of the Perioperative Nurses College of the New Zealand Nurses OrganisationElectronic access

DissentElectronic access

Dissent and Strategic Leadership of the Military ProfessionsElectronic access

Dissertation abstracts international. B, The sciences and engineering

Dissertationes ForestalesElectronic access

Dissolution technologiesElectronic access

Distance EducationElectronic access

Distance Education ReportElectronic access

Distance learning: for educators, trainers, and leadersElectronic access

DistanceSElectronic access

Distances et mediations des savoirsElectronic access

Distributed and parallel databasesElectronic access

Distributed computingElectronic access

Distributed systems engineeringElectronic access

Distribution AdvisorElectronic access

DistributionElectronic access

District AdministrationElectronic access

Diver magazineElectronic access

DivergenciaElectronic access

Divergencias Revista de Estudios Linguisticos y LiterariosElectronic access

Diverse: Issues in Higher EducationElectronic access

DiversitasElectronic access

DiversitiesElectronic access

Diversity & distributionsElectronic access

Diversity EmployersElectronic access

Diversity EmployersElectronic access

Diversity FactorElectronic access

Diversity MDPIElectronic access

Diversity Suppliers & Business MagazineElectronic access

Diversite et Identite Culturelle en Europe DICEElectronic access

Dixie ContractorElectronic access

Di?logos CulturalesElectronic access

Dialisis y TrasplanteElectronic access

Dialogo de la LenguaElectronic access

DialogosElectronic access

Dialogos CulturalesElectronic access

DLCV Lingua Linguistica and LiteraturaElectronic access

DM NewsElectronic access

DM ReviewElectronic access

DMEurope.comElectronic access

Dmtcs ProceedingsElectronic access

DNAElectronic access

DNA (Daily News & Analysis)Electronic access

DNA and cell biologyElectronic access

DNA repairElectronic access

DNA ReporterElectronic access

DNA research: an international journal for rapid publication of reports on genes and genomesElectronic access

DNA SequenceElectronic access

The DO
American Osteopathic Association

Do you see what I see? : the science of color perceptionElectronic access

Do-It-Yourself RetailingElectronic access

DOC newsElectronic access

Doc On Line Revista Digital de Cinema DocumentarioElectronic access

Docencia e investigacionElectronic access

Docencia UniversitariaElectronic access

The Doctor : a medical penny magazine

Doctor EbizElectronic access

Doctor of dentistry : Oregon/SW Washington

Doctor VirtualisElectronic access

The doctor's officeElectronic access

Doctor's People NewsletterElectronic access

DoctorConsultElectronic access

DoctorElectronic access

Docuforms InternationalElectronic access

Document and Image AutomationElectronic access

Document Delivery WorldElectronic access

Document Image AutomationElectronic access

Document Imaging ReportElectronic access

Documenta mathematicaElectronic access

Documenta ophthalmologicaElectronic access

Documentacion de las Ciencias de la InformacionElectronic access

Documenti GeograficiElectronic access

Documentos de TrabajoElectronic access

Documentos y Aportes en Administración Pública y Gestión EstatalElectronic access

Documents d analisi geograficaElectronic access

Documents InternationalElectronic access

Dodge County Independent (Casson, MN)Electronic access

The Dodo; journal of the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust

The Doernbecher journal : a journal of continuing education and communication / Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Oregon Health Sciences University

Dog WatchElectronic access

Dog WorldElectronic access

Dogus University JournalElectronic access

Doing Business 2008Electronic access

Doing Business 2009Electronic access

Doing Business in China For Dummies?Electronic access

DoisPontosElectronic access

Doklady Biological SciencesElectronic access

Doklady chemistryElectronic access

Doklady earth sciencesElectronic access

Doklady. Biochemistry and biophysicsElectronic access

Doklady. Mathematics/ Russian Academy of SciencesElectronic access

Doklady. Physical chemistryElectronic access

Doklady. Physics: a journal of the Russian Academy of SciencesElectronic access

Dokuz Eylul Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu DergisiElectronic access

Dolan's Virginia Business ObserverElectronic access

DOLAP ... : ACM ... International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP

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