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The catalog has 282 journals available that start with the letter K.

KáñinaElectronic access

K-theoryElectronic access

Ka Mate Ka Ora a New Zealand Journal of Poetry and PoeticsElectronic access

KADER Kelam Arastirmalari DergisiElectronic access

Kadin/Woman 2000Electronic access

KadmosElectronic access

Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi DergisiElectronic access

Kai Tiaki Nursing New ZealandElectronic access

Kai Tiaki Nursing ResearchElectronic access

KairósElectronic access

Kairos a journal for teachers of writing in webbed environmentsElectronic access

Kairos Evangelical Journal of TheologyElectronic access

Kairos Journal of Philosophy and ScienceElectronic access

KairosElectronic access

Kajian Malaysia Journal of Malaysian StudiesElectronic access

Kalbotyra Germanu ir romanu studijosElectronic access

Kalbu Studijos Studies about LanguagesElectronic access

KaleidoscopeElectronic access

Kansallis-Osake-Pankki. Economic ReviewElectronic access

Kansas City Business JournalElectronic access

Kansas City star (Kansas City, MO)Electronic access

Kansas HistoryElectronic access

Kansas Journal of Law & Public PolicyElectronic access

Kansas Journal of MedicineElectronic access

Kansas Law ReviewElectronic access

Kansas Library Association College and University Libraries Section ProceedingsElectronic access

Kansas NurseElectronic access

Kant e printsElectronic access

Kant e printsElectronic access

Kant StudienElectronic access

Kant Studies OnlineElectronic access

Kant-StudienElectronic access

Kantian reviewElectronic access

Kantovskii SbornikElectronic access

Kao-hsiung i hsueh k?o hsueh tsa chih = The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences

The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciencesElectronic access

Karadeniz Arastirmalari Journal of Black Sea StudiesElectronic access

Kardio ListElectronic access

KardiologiaElectronic access

Kardiologia na co dzienElectronic access

Kardiovaskulare MedizinElectronic access

Karpats ki matematicni publikacii Carpathian Mathematical PublicationsElectronic access

Kartografija i GeoinformacijeElectronic access

KASBIT Business JournalElectronic access

Kaselehlie Press (Pohnpei, Micronesia)Electronic access

Kashmir Journal of Language ResearchElectronic access

KASHRUS MagazineElectronic access

Kasvatus and Aika Kasvatus ja AikaElectronic access

Kathmandu University medical journalElectronic access

Katie Couric's NotebookElectronic access

Kauai Adventure GuideElectronic access

Kawasaki medical journal

Kayak - Canada's History Magazine for KidsElectronic access

Kazakhstan Business Association NewsElectronic access

Kazakhstan Central Bank NewsElectronic access

Kazakhstan Commercial Banking ReportElectronic access

Kazakhstan Economic StatisticsElectronic access

Kazakhstan Freight Transport ReportElectronic access

Kazakhstan Government NewsElectronic access

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange NewsElectronic access

Kazakhstan's Defense Policy: An Assessment of the TrendsElectronic access

KB JournalElectronic access

KCA Journal of Business ManagementElectronic access

KDAF-TV (Dallas, TX)Electronic access

Keeping abreast, journal of human nurturing

Keeping Good CompaniesElectronic access

Keio journal of medicineElectronic access

KEMANUSIAAN The Asian Journal of HumanitiesElectronic access

Kemija u IndustrijiElectronic access

Kennebec journal (Augusta, ME)Electronic access

Kennedy School ReviewElectronic access

Kentucky Journal of Higher Education Policy and PracticeElectronic access

Kentucky Newsletter for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & DanceElectronic access

Kentucky NurseElectronic access

Kenya Commercial Banking ReportElectronic access

Kenya Tourism ReportElectronic access

Kenyon ReviewElectronic access

KepesElectronic access

Kerala Journal of OrthopaedicsElectronic access

Kerrville Daily TimesElectronic access

Kew BulletinElectronic access

Key dental facts

Key WordsElectronic access

KeyboardElectronic access

Keystone OutdoorsElectronic access

Kharkov University Bulletin Chemical SeriesElectronic access

Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social SciencesElectronic access

KI - Kunstliche IntelligenzElectronic access

KickoffElectronic access

The Kidney

Kidney and Blood Pressure ResearchElectronic access

Kidney cancer : a new approachElectronic access

Kidney internationalElectronic access

Kidney international. SupplementElectronic access

Kidney research and clinical practiceElectronic access

Kidney: a current survey of world literatureElectronic access

Kids and heroin : a wake-up call to parentsElectronic access

Kids count data book

Kids Marketing ReportElectronic access

Kids on pills: is ritalin overprescribed?Electronic access

Kids TodayElectronic access

Kids TributeElectronic access

Kidsworld MagazineElectronic access

Kilgore News Herald (Kilgore, TX)Electronic access

Kindred spirits (Avonlea)Electronic access

Kinematics and Physics of Celestial BodiesElectronic access

Kinesiologia SlovenicaElectronic access

Kinesiology reviewElectronic access

Kinesiology: international scientific journal of kinesiology and sportElectronic access

Kinetics and CatalysisElectronic access

Kinetoplastid biology and diseaseElectronic access

King's College Law JournalElectronic access

Kino the Western Undergraduate Journal of Film StudiesElectronic access

Kinesitherapie, la revueElectronic access

Kiplinger Agriculture LetterElectronic access

Kiplinger Business ForecastsElectronic access

Kiplinger California LetterElectronic access

Kiplinger Tax LetterElectronic access

Kiplinger's Drive Buys Web Column

Kiplinger's Keeping Your Balance Web ColumnElectronic access

Kiplinger's Money Smart Kids Web ColumnElectronic access

Kiplinger's New Cars and Trucks

Kiplinger's Personal FinanceElectronic access

Kiplinger's Personal Finance MagazineElectronic access

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Mutual FundsElectronic access

Kiplinger's Practical Guide to Your Money

Kiplinger's Retirement Planning GuideElectronic access

Kiplinger's Retirement ReportElectronic access

Kiplinger's Starting Out Web ColumnElectronic access

Kiplinger's Stock Watch

Kiplinger's Stocks to Watch

Kiplinger's StocksElectronic access

Kiplinger's Value Added Web Column

KiplingerForecasts.comElectronic access

KippreportElectronic access

Kirkus ReviewsElectronic access

Kitchen & Bath BusinessElectronic access

Kitchen & Bath Design NewsElectronic access

KitplanesElectronic access

KiwiElectronic access

KliattElectronic access

Klimik JournalElectronic access

Kliniceskaa I Specialnaa PsihologiaElectronic access

Klinik psikofarmakoloji bulteni bulletin of clinical psychopharmacologyElectronic access

Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde und fur augenarztliche Fortbildung

Klinische Wochenschrift

KM WorldElectronic access

KMUJ - Khyber Medical University JournalElectronic access

The kneeElectronic access

Knee surgery and related researchElectronic access

Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy: official journal of the ESSKAElectronic access

Knight Ridder Washington Bureau

Knight Ridder/TribuneElectronic access

Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business NewsElectronic access

KnjinicaElectronic access

Know Your Legal RightsElectronic access

Know Your World ExtraElectronic access

Knowledge and Information SystemsElectronic access

Knowledge and Management of Aquatic EcosystemsElectronic access

Knowledge and policy: the international journal of knowledge transfer and utilizationElectronic access

Knowledge and process managementElectronic access

The knowledge engineering reviewElectronic access

Knowledge in societyElectronic access

Knowledge Management and E Learning An International Journal KMandELElectronic access

Knowledge QuestElectronic access

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Related To HIV/AIDS Among Transport SectorWorkers: A Case Study of GeorgiaElectronic access

Knowledge, technology, & policyElectronic access

Knowledge-Based SystemsElectronic access

Knowledge@Wharton Audio ArticlesElectronic access

Knoxville News-Sentinel (Knoxville, TN)Electronic access

KnygotyraElectronic access

Kobe journal of medical sciencesElectronic access

KoedoeElectronic access

KoersElectronic access

Kokomo Tribune (North Union, IN)Electronic access

KolaElectronic access

Kolloid-Zeitschrift & Zeitschrift fur PolymereElectronic access

Kolloid-Zeitschrift: Zeitschrift fur Reine und Angewandte KolloidwissenschaftElectronic access

KOMEElectronic access

kommunikation gesellschaftElectronic access

Komplementare und integrative MedizinElectronic access

Kona: Powder and ParticleElectronic access

KonceptElectronic access

Konuralp Tip DergisiElectronic access

KoomeshElectronic access

Korea Trade and InvestmentElectronic access

Korea-Australia Rheology JournalElectronic access

Korean circulation journalElectronic access

Korean diabetes journalElectronic access

Korean journal of anesthesiologyElectronic access

Korean Journal of Biological SciencesElectronic access

Korean Journal of Chemical EngineeringElectronic access

Korean journal of entomologyElectronic access

Korean journal of family medicineElectronic access

The Korean Journal of Gastroenterology = Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe chiElectronic access

Korean Journal of Gynecologic OncologyElectronic access

Korean journal of hematologyElectronic access

Korean Journal of HepatologyElectronic access

The Korean journal of internal medicineElectronic access

Korean Journal of Laboratory MedicineElectronic access

Korean Journal of medical historyElectronic access

Korean journal of ophthalmology: KJOElectronic access

Korean Journal of OrthodonticsElectronic access

The Korean journal of painElectronic access

The Korean journal of parasitologyElectronic access

Korean Journal of PathologyElectronic access

Korean journal of pediatricsElectronic access

The Korean journal of physiology & pharmacology: official journal of the Korean Physiological Society and the Korean Society of PharmacologyElectronic access

Korean journal of radiologyElectronic access

Korean journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgeryElectronic access

Korean journal of urologyElectronic access

Korean Journal of Women Health NursingElectronic access

Korean StudiesElectronic access

Kosuyolu Kalp DergisiElectronic access

Kotuitui New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences OnlineElectronic access

Krames Consults: Arthritis ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Asthma ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Chronic Kidney Disease ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Coronary Artery Disease ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Heart Failure ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Maternal Health ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Stroke ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Type 1 Diabetes ConsultElectronic access

Krames Consults: Type 2 Diabetes ConsultElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Abdominal PainElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: AllergiesElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Asthma in AdultsElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Asthma in ChildrenElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Back PainElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Breast ChangesElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Chest PainElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Chronic PainElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: COPDElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: DepressionElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: DiabetesElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Hand and Wrist PainElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Head InjuriesElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: HeadacheElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Knee InjuriesElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Knee PainElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Neck PainElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Skin DisordersElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: Sleep DisordersElectronic access

Krames Signs and Symptoms FastGuides: StrokeElectronic access

Krankenhaus-Hygiene + InfektionsverhutungElectronic access

Kresge Eye Institute bulletin
Kresge Eye Institute

KrisisElectronic access

KriterionElectronic access

Kritika kulturaElectronic access

Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian HistoryElectronic access

Kritike Org An on line Journal of PhilosophyElectronic access

Kritikos Journal of postmodern cultural sound text and imageElectronic access

Kronos BellvilleElectronic access

KSCE Journal of Civil EngineeringElectronic access

KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (TIIS)Electronic access

KSII Transactions on Internet and Information SystemsElectronic access

KSWB-TV (San Diego, CA)Electronic access

Kta a Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and LiteratureElectronic access

KTLA-TV (Los Angeles, CA)Electronic access

KTXL-TV (Sacramento, CA)Electronic access

Kulturnaia I Gumanitarnaia GeografiiaElectronic access

Die KulturpflanzeElectronic access

KulturstudierElectronic access

kunsttexte deElectronic access

Kurdish LifeElectronic access

KurtzianaElectronic access

KUST Medical JournalElectronic access

Kuwait Information Technology ReportElectronic access

Kuwait Medical JournalElectronic access

Kuwait Medical JournalElectronic access

Kuwait Telecommunications ReportElectronic access

Kuwait Times (Kuwait City, Kuwait)Electronic access


KybernetikaElectronic access

Kyklos: internationale Zeitschrift fur SozialwissenschaftenElectronic access

Kyodo news international (Tokyo, Japan)Electronic access

KyodoElectronic access

Kyungpook Mathematical JournalElectronic access

Kyushu journal of mathematicsElectronic access

Kolner Zeitschrift fur Soziologie und SozialpsychologieElectronic access