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The catalog has 1215 journals available that start with the letter N.

N & HC perspectives on community : official publication of the National League for NursingElectronic access

N & HC perspectives on community : visions, analysis and opinions on alliances in health care

N and HC Perspectives on CommunityElectronic access

N2N: Nurse2NurseElectronic access

Na e MoreElectronic access

NacamehElectronic access

Nacional'nyj Psihologiceskij urnalElectronic access

NACLA Report on the AmericasElectronic access

NACTA JournalElectronic access

Nadcisnienie TetniczeElectronic access

NAFE MagazineElectronic access

Nagoya Journal of Medical ScienceElectronic access

Nahrung= FoodElectronic access

The Namibia economistElectronic access

The NamibianElectronic access

NAMMCO Scientific PublicationsElectronic access

NANDA nursing diagnoses : definitions and classifications

Nanjing Zhongyiyao Daxue Xue Bao=Journal of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nano Biomedicine and EngineeringElectronic access

Nano Communication NetworksElectronic access

Nano EnergyElectronic access

Nano lettersElectronic access

Nano Micro LettersElectronic access

Nano ResearchElectronic access

Nano ReviewsElectronic access

Nano todayElectronic access

Nano/Bio Convergence NewsElectronic access

NanoEthicsElectronic access

NanomaterialsElectronic access

Nanomaterials and NanotechnologyElectronic access

NanomedicineElectronic access

Nanomedicine JournalElectronic access

Nanomedicine: nanotechnology, biology and medicineElectronic access

Nanoparticle NewsElectronic access

Nanoscale research lettersElectronic access

Nanostructured materialsElectronic access

Nanotechnologies in RussiaElectronic access

NanotechnologyElectronic access

Nanotechnology Business JournalElectronic access

Nanotechnology DevelopmentElectronic access

Nanotechnology science and applicationsElectronic access

NanotoxicologyElectronic access

NAPA bulletinElectronic access

Naples, Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast Adventure GuideElectronic access

National Association of Parents & Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth

Narrare i GruppiElectronic access

NarrativeElectronic access

Narrative WorksElectronic access

NASA PodcastsElectronic access

Nascer e CrescerElectronic access

Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender IssuesElectronic access

Nashville Business and LifestylesElectronic access

NASN newsletterElectronic access

NASN school nurseElectronic access

Nassau & the Best of the Bahamas Alive!Electronic access

NASSP BulletinElectronic access

NATE classroomElectronic access

Nathaniel Hawthorne ReviewElectronic access

NationElectronic access

Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)Electronic access

Nation (Kenya)Electronic access

Nation's BusinessElectronic access

Nation's Cities WeeklyElectronic access

Nation's healthElectronic access

Nation's Restaurant NewsElectronic access

Nation's Restaurant News Daily NewsFaxElectronic access

Nation, The (Pakistan)Electronic access

Nation, The (Thailand)Electronic access

National Academy Science LettersElectronic access

The national AHEC bulletin

National Association of School Psychologists. CommuniqueElectronic access

The National Board examiner

National Bureau of Economic Research bulletin on aging and healthElectronic access

National Cancer Control ProgrammesElectronic access

National Cancer Institute monograph

National Catholic ReporterElectronic access

The National chiropractic journal

National civic reviewElectronic access

National Computer Conference

National DefenseElectronic access

The national directory of HIV/AIDS resources, including infectious diseases

National drillerElectronic access

National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators

National FishermanElectronic access

National Floor TrendsElectronic access

National Food ReviewElectronic access

National ForumElectronic access

National GeographicElectronic access

National Geographic AdventureElectronic access

National Geographic ExplorerElectronic access

National geographic for kidsElectronic access

National Geographic KidsElectronic access

National Geographic TravelerElectronic access

National Geographic WorldElectronic access

National health statistics reportsElectronic access

National Hog FarmerElectronic access

National Home Center News NewsFaxElectronic access

National Institute economic reviewElectronic access

National Institute on Drug Abuse Research monograph series

National Institutes of HealthElectronic access

National Institutes of Health consensus development conference statement

National Institutes of Health consensus development conference summary

National Institutes of Health: News and EventsElectronic access

National InterestElectronic access

National JewelerElectronic access

National JournalElectronic access

National Journal DailyElectronic access

National Journal of AndrologyElectronic access

National Journal of Community MedicineElectronic access

National journal of homoeopathy : NJH

National Journal of Maxillofacial SurgeryElectronic access

National Journal of Medical and Dental ResearchElectronic access

National Journal of Medical ResearchElectronic access

National Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck SurgeryElectronic access

The national law journalElectronic access

National Lawyers Guild ReviewElectronic access

National Library of Australia GatewaysElectronic access

National mathematics magazineElectronic access

National medical care utilization and expenditure survey : data report

National medical care utilization and expenditure survey : preliminary data report

National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey. Series B, Descriptive report

National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey. Series C, Analytical report

National Medical Journal of IndiaElectronic access

National Minority PoliticsElectronic access

National Mortgage NewsElectronic access

National nosocomial infections study
Center for Disease Control (U.S.)

National Nosocomial Infections Study quarterly report

National nosocomial infections study report, annual summary / Center for Disease Control

National NurseElectronic access

National ObserverElectronic access

National On-Campus ReportElectronic access

National parksElectronic access

National PastimeElectronic access

National Petroleum NewsElectronic access

National productivity reviewElectronic access

National ProvisionerElectronic access

National Public AccountantElectronic access

National Real Estate InvestorElectronic access

National Real Estate Investor (Online Exclusive)Electronic access

National ReviewElectronic access

National Right to Life NewsElectronic access

National Society for Medical Research bulletin

National Strength & Conditioning Association journalElectronic access

National Strength Coaches Association journalElectronic access

National Tax JournalElectronic access

National teaching and learning forum

National Underwriter (Property & Casualty/Employee Benefits Edition)Electronic access

National Underwriter / Life & Health Financial ServicesElectronic access

National Underwriter / Property & Casualty Risk & Benefits Management EditionElectronic access

National Underwriter Life & Health-Financial Services EditionElectronic access

National Underwriter Life & HealthElectronic access

National Underwriter Property and Casualty InsuranceElectronic access

National vital statistics reports : from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics SystemElectronic access

National VoterElectronic access

National Weather DigestElectronic access

National WildlifeElectronic access

National Women's Health ReportElectronic access

nationaljournal.comElectronic access

Nations and nationalismElectronic access

Native American ConnectionsElectronic access

Native American Law ReportElectronic access

Native American ReportElectronic access

Native Peoples MagazineElectronic access

Native plants journalElectronic access

Natur und RechtElectronic access

Natura medicatrix : revista profesional para el estudio y la difusion de las alternatives sanitarias

Natura SloveniaeElectronic access

Natural ComputingElectronic access

Natural Foods MerchandiserElectronic access

Natural gas & electricityElectronic access

Natural Gas MonthlyElectronic access

Natural gas weekElectronic access

Natural gasElectronic access

Natural hazards and earth system sciencesElectronic access

Natural hazardsElectronic access

Natural health feel good, look good, do good.Electronic access

Natural historyElectronic access

Natural immunity

Natural immunity and cell growth regulation

Natural language & linguistic theoryElectronic access

Natural language engineeringElectronic access

Natural Language SemanticsElectronic access

Natural LifeElectronic access

Natural medicine journal

Natural Product RadianceElectronic access

Natural product researchElectronic access

Natural Product SciencesElectronic access

Natural Products and BioprospectingElectronic access

Natural resource modelingElectronic access

Natural ResourcesElectronic access

Natural ResourcesElectronic access

Natural resources & environmentElectronic access

Natural Resources and Environmental IssuesElectronic access

Natural resources forumElectronic access

Natural Resources ResearchElectronic access

Natural ScienceElectronic access

Natural SciencesElectronic access

Natural solutions

Natural Way for Better HealthElectronic access

NatureElectronic access

Nature and ConservationElectronic access

Nature and CultureElectronic access

Nature and Science of SleepElectronic access

Nature AustraliaElectronic access

Nature biotechnologyElectronic access

Nature BlogElectronic access

Nature cell biologyElectronic access

Nature chemical biologyElectronic access

Nature chemistryElectronic access

Nature clinical practice cardiovascular medicineElectronic access

Nature clinical practice endocrinology & metabolismElectronic access

Nature clinical practice gastroenterology & hepatologyElectronic access

Nature clinical practice nephrologyElectronic access

Nature clinical practice neurologyElectronic access

Nature clinical practice oncologyElectronic access

Nature clinical practice rheumatologyElectronic access

Nature clinical practice urologyElectronic access

Nature communicationsElectronic access

Nature ConservationElectronic access

Nature geneticsElectronic access

Nature immunologyElectronic access

Nature materialsElectronic access

Nature medicineElectronic access

Nature methodsElectronic access

Nature nanotechnologyElectronic access

Nature neuroscienceElectronic access

Nature protocolsElectronic access

Nature reports. Climate changeElectronic access

Nature reviews cardiologyElectronic access

Nature reviews rheumatologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. CancerElectronic access

Nature reviews. Clinical oncologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. Drug discoveryElectronic access

Nature reviews. EndocrinologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. Gastroenterology & hepatologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. GeneticsElectronic access

Nature reviews. ImmunologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. MicrobiologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. Molecular cell biologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. NephrologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. NeurologyElectronic access

Nature reviews. NeuroscienceElectronic access

Nature reviews. UrologyElectronic access

Nature structural & molecular biologyElectronic access

Nature structural biologyElectronic access

The Nature yearbook of science and technology

Nature: new biology

Nature: physical science

The Naturopathic physician / the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Naturopathy DigestElectronic access

Die NaturwissenschaftenElectronic access

Nau Literaria Critica e Teoria de Literaturas em Lingua PortuguesaElectronic access

NAU SocialElectronic access

Naucnyj urnal Kubanskogo gosudarstvennogo agrarnogo universiteta Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban StateElectronic access

Nauka Przyroda TechnologieElectronic access

Nauka ta progres transportuElectronic access

Nauki o ZemleElectronic access

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacologyElectronic access

Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv fur experimentelle Pathologie und PharmakologieElectronic access

Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv fur PharmakologieElectronic access

Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv fur Pharmakologie und experimentelle PathologieElectronic access

Naval Aviation NewsElectronic access

Naval HistoryElectronic access

Naval research logisticsElectronic access

Naval War College ReviewElectronic access

Navegac?es Revista de Cultura e Literaturas de Lingua PortuguesaElectronic access

Navus Revista de Gest?o e TecnologiaElectronic access

Navy medical newsletter

Navy News and Undersea TechnologyElectronic access

Navy Supply Corps NewsletterElectronic access

Nawa Journal of Language and CommunicationElectronic access

NBC Meet the Press (audio)Electronic access

NBC Nightly News (audio)Electronic access

NBC Nightly News (Video)Electronic access

NBC Nightly NewsElectronic access

NBER bulletin on aging and healthElectronic access

The NBER digestElectronic access

NBER ReporterElectronic access

NBER/Frontiers in Health Policy ResearchElectronic access

NBER/Macroeconomics AnnualElectronic access

NBER/Tax Policy & the EconomyElectronic access

NBR nightly business reportElectronic access

NCA journal

The NCAA newsElectronic access
National Collegiate Athletic Association

NCAHF NewsletterElectronic access

NCGA golfElectronic access

NCHS Data BriefElectronic access

NCHS publications on
National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.)

NCI Cancer WeeklyElectronic access

NCI fact book / National Cancer Institute

NCI monographs : a publication of the National Cancer Institute

NCNM News for the alumni and friends of NCNM

NCRHI NewsletterElectronic access

NCUA Watch NewsletterElectronic access

NDNR : naturopathic doctor news & review

NDT & E InternationalElectronic access

NDT plusElectronic access

NDT UpdateElectronic access

NDTI review

NEA TodayElectronic access

Near Eastern ArchaeologyElectronic access

Nebraska LifeElectronic access

The Nebraska medical journal

Nebraska NurseElectronic access

The Nebraska state medical journal

Nebraska Symposium on Motivation

NebulaElectronic access

Necatibey Faculty of Education Electronic Journal of Science and Mathematics EducationElectronic access

NECSUS European Journal of Media StudiesElectronic access

NED University Journal of ResearchElectronic access

Nederduitse Gereformeerde teologiese tydskrif Dutch Reformed Theological JournalElectronic access

Need to KnowElectronic access

Need To Know NewsElectronic access

neerlandistiek nlElectronic access

NefrologiaElectronic access

NEFTE CompassElectronic access

Neftegazovaa Geologia Teoria i PraktikaElectronic access

Negotiation journalElectronic access

Negro Educational ReviewElectronic access

Negro History BulletinElectronic access

Neil Cavuto's Common SenseElectronic access

NEJM Journal watch. AIDS clinical care

Nelson's pediatric antimicrobial therapy

NematropicaElectronic access

Nemus revista de l Ateneu de NaturaElectronic access

NENA OutlookElectronic access

Neo-Victorian studiesElectronic access

NeoAmericanistElectronic access

NeoBiotaElectronic access

NeoheliconElectronic access

Neonatal network : Journal of neonatal nursingElectronic access

Neonatal, Paediatric & Child Health NursingElectronic access

Neonates and infants : age-specific careElectronic access

Neonates, infants, and toddlers : beginning pediatric nursingElectronic access

Neonatology: fetal and neonatal researchElectronic access

NeophilologusElectronic access

NeoplasiaElectronic access

NeoreviewsElectronic access

Neotropical EntomologyElectronic access

Neotropical HelminthologyElectronic access

Neotropical Ichthyology official journal of the sociedade Brasileria de IctiologiaElectronic access

Neotropical primates : a newsletter of the Neotropical Section of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group

Nepal Journal of EpidemiologyElectronic access

Nepal Journal of Obstetrics and GynaecologyElectronic access

Nepalese Journal of OphthalmologyElectronic access

Nepali TimesElectronic access

Nepantla: Views from SouthElectronic access

Nephro Urology MonthlyElectronic access

Nephrology News & IssuesElectronic access

Nephrology nurse

Nephrology nursing journalElectronic access

Nephrology ReviewsElectronic access

Nephrology timesElectronic access

Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal AssociationElectronic access

NephrologyElectronic access

NephronElectronic access

Nephron ExtraElectronic access

Nephron. Experimental nephrologyElectronic access

Nephron. PhysiologyElectronic access

Nephron. Clinical practiceElectronic access

Nephron. Experimental nephrologyElectronic access

Nephron. PhysiologyElectronic access

Nerazruausij Kontrol' i DiagnostikaElectronic access

Nervenarzt; Monatsschrift fur alle Gebiete nervenarztlicher Forchung und PraxisElectronic access

Net EconomyElectronic access

Net Journal of Agricultural ScienceElectronic access

netConnectElectronic access

Netherlands heart journal: monthly journal of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology and the Netherlands Heart FoundationElectronic access

Netherlands international law reviewElectronic access

Netherlands journal of aquatic ecology: journal of the Netherlands Society of Aquatic EcologyElectronic access

Netherlands Journal of MedicineElectronic access

Netherlands journal of plant pathologyElectronic access

Netherlands journal of sea researchElectronic access

Netherlands Pharmaceutical & Healthcare ReportElectronic access

Netherlands Telecommunications ReportElectronic access

Netherlands yearbook of international lawElectronic access

Netla Veftimarit um Uppeldi og MenntunElectronic access

Netnomics: Economic Research and Electronic NetworkingElectronic access

Network / Family Health InternationalElectronic access

Network : computation in neural systemsElectronic access

Network BiologyElectronic access

Network BiologyElectronic access

Network BriefingElectronic access

Network Business WeeklyElectronic access

Network computing (Manhasset, NY)Electronic access

Network magazine : the competitive edge in business technologyElectronic access

Network Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and BioinformaticsElectronic access

Network NewsElectronic access

Network news : the newsletter of the National Women's Health NetworkElectronic access

Network Protocols and AlgorithmsElectronic access

Network Protocols and AlgorithmsElectronic access

Network scienceElectronic access

Network SecurityElectronic access

Network VARElectronic access

Network WorldElectronic access

Network World Middle EastElectronic access

NetWorkerElectronic access

Networking for WomenElectronic access

Networking ManagementElectronic access

Networking ScienceElectronic access

Networks : an international journalElectronic access

Networks and Spatial EconomicsElectronic access

Networks UpdateElectronic access

Neues CurriculumElectronic access

Neuphilologische Mitteilungen - Bulletin of the Modern Language SocietyElectronic access

Neural computationElectronic access

Neural computing & applicationsElectronic access

Neural developmentElectronic access

Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network SocietyElectronic access

Neural plasticityElectronic access

Neural Processing LettersElectronic access

Neural systems & circuitsElectronic access

Neuro-degenerative diseasesElectronic access

Neuro-oncologyElectronic access


NeuroanatomyElectronic access

Neurobehavioral HIV MedicineElectronic access

Neurobiology of agingElectronic access

Neurobiology of diseaseElectronic access

Neurobiology of learning and memoryElectronic access

NeurocaseElectronic access

Neurochemical journalElectronic access

Neurochemical pathologyElectronic access

Neurochemical researchElectronic access

Neurochemistry internationalElectronic access

NeurocirugiaElectronic access

NeurocomputingElectronic access

Neurocritical careElectronic access

NeurodegenerationElectronic access

Neurodegenerative Disease ManagementElectronic access

Neurodiagnostic JournalElectronic access

Neuroendocrine tumors : rare cancers in the pancreasElectronic access

NeuroendocrinologyElectronic access

Neuroendocrinology LettersElectronic access

NeuroepidemiologyElectronic access

NeuroethicsElectronic access

Neurogastroenterology and motilityElectronic access

NeurogeneticsElectronic access

NeurohospitalistElectronic access

NeuroImageElectronic access

NeuroImage: ClinicalElectronic access

NeuroimmunomodulationElectronic access

NeuroinformaticsElectronic access

NeurointerventionElectronic access

Neurolog?a English EditionElectronic access

Neurologia ArgentinaElectronic access

Neurologia medico chirurgicaElectronic access

Neurologic clinicsElectronic access

Neurological gait keepersElectronic access

Neurological Journal of South East AsiaElectronic access

Neurological researchElectronic access

Neurological sciencesElectronic access

The neurologistElectronic access

NeurologyElectronic access

Neurology (Current Medical Literature)Electronic access

Neurology AlertElectronic access

Neurology and clinical neurophysiologyElectronic access

Neurology and Clinical NeuroscienceElectronic access

Neurology AsiaElectronic access

Neurology InternationalElectronic access

Neurology nowElectronic access

Neurology reportElectronic access

Neurology research internationalElectronic access

Neurology todayElectronic access

Neurology, India.Electronic access

Neurology, psychiatry and brain researchElectronic access

Neurology. Clinical practiceElectronic access

NeurologiaElectronic access

NeuromodulationElectronic access

NeuroMolecular medicineElectronic access

Neuromuscular disorders : NMDElectronic access

NeuronElectronic access

Neuron (Nebraska Nurses Association)Electronic access

Neuron glia biologyElectronic access

Neuropathology and applied neurobiologyElectronic access

NeuropathologyElectronic access

NeuropediatricsElectronic access

NeuropeptidesElectronic access

NeuropharmacologyElectronic access

Neurophysiologie clinique= Clinical neurophysiologyElectronic access

Das Neurophysiologie-Labor: Zeitschrift fur Neurophysiologische FunktionsdiagnostikElectronic access

NeuroProtocolsElectronic access

Neuropsicologia LatinoamericanaElectronic access

Neuropsychiatria i NeuropsychologiaElectronic access

Neuropsychiatric disease and treatmentElectronic access

Neuropsychiatrie de l'enfance et de l'adolescenceElectronic access

Neuropsychiatrie: Klinik, Diagnostik, Therapie und Rehabilitation: Organ der Gesellschaft Osterreichischer Nervenarzte Und PsychiaterElectronic access

NeuropsychiatryElectronic access

Neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, and behavioral neurologyElectronic access

NeuropsychobiologyElectronic access

NeuroPsychoEconomicsElectronic access

NeuropsychologiaElectronic access

Neuropsychological rehabilitationElectronic access

Neuropsychological TrendsElectronic access

NeuropsychologyElectronic access

Neuropsychology reviewElectronic access

Neuropsychopharmacologia HungaricaElectronic access

NeuropsychopharmacologyElectronic access

NeuroQuantologyElectronic access

NeuroradiologyElectronic access

Neuroradiology JournalElectronic access

NeuroRehabilitationElectronic access

Neurorehabilitation & neural repairElectronic access

NeuroreportElectronic access

NeuroRxElectronic access

NeuroscienceElectronic access

Neuroscience and behavioral physiologyElectronic access

Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviewsElectronic access

Neuroscience and MedicineElectronic access

Neuroscience BulletinElectronic access

Neuroscience JournalElectronic access

Neuroscience lettersElectronic access

Neuroscience letters. Supplement

Neuroscience research : the official journal of the Japan Neuroscience SocietyElectronic access

Neuroscience research. SupplementElectronic access

Neuroscience symposia

NeurosciencesElectronic access

Neurosciences research

Neurosciences Research Program bulletin
Neurosciences Research Program

Neurosciences research symposium summaries

The neuroscientistElectronic access

NeuroSignalsElectronic access

NeurosurgeryElectronic access

Neurosurgery clinics of North AmericaElectronic access

Neurosurgery quarterlyElectronic access

Neurosurgical FocusElectronic access

Neurosurgical reviewElectronic access

NeurotherapeuticsElectronic access

Neurotoxicity Research (FP Graham Publ)Electronic access

NeurotoxicologyElectronic access

Neurotoxicology and teratologyElectronic access

Neurourology and urodynamicsElectronic access

Nevada (Adventure Guide)Electronic access

Nevada RNformationElectronic access

Never Bet the Farm: How Entrepreneurs Take Risks, Make Decisions and How YouCan, TooElectronic access

New AfricanElectronic access

New age journal

New AmericanElectronic access

New ArchitectElectronic access

New AstronomyElectronic access

New Astronomy ReviewsElectronic access

New Balkan politicsElectronic access

New Balkan politicsElectronic access

New BeginningsElectronic access

New biotechnologyElectronic access

New BlackfriarsElectronic access

New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (Adventure Guide)Electronic access

New Carbon MaterialsElectronic access

New Coin PoetryElectronic access

New comprehensive biochemistryElectronic access

New Crisis 1997 2003Electronic access

New CriterionElectronic access

New Dance ReviewElectronic access

New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, 3rd edElectronic access

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Houghton MifflinElectronic access

New directions for adult and continuing educationElectronic access

New directions for child and adolescent developmentElectronic access

New directions for child development

New directions for community collegesElectronic access

New directions for evaluationElectronic access

New directions for higher educationElectronic access

New directions for institutional researchElectronic access

New directions for student servicesElectronic access

New directions for teaching and learningElectronic access

New directions for youth developmentElectronic access

New Directions in Interconnect BillingElectronic access

New economyElectronic access

New England constructionElectronic access

New England Economic ReviewElectronic access

New England Journal of Higher EducationElectronic access

The New England journal of homeopathy

New England journal of medicineElectronic access

New England Journal of Medicine AudioElectronic access

New England journal of traditional Chinese medicine = Xin Yinggelan Zhong yi za zhiElectronic access

New England medical gazette. Monthly journal of homeopathic medicine

New England Real Estate NewsElectronic access

New England ReviewElectronic access

New England SportsElectronic access

New England: A Guide to the State & National ParkElectronic access

New Equipment DigestElectronic access

New EraElectronic access

New Food Products in JapanElectronic access

New forestsElectronic access

New FormationsElectronic access

New generation computingElectronic access

New Genetics & SocietyElectronic access

New German CritiqueElectronic access

New Hampshire (Adventure Guide)Electronic access

New Hampshire Bar JournalElectronic access

New Hampshire Business ReviewElectronic access

New Harmonized Guidelines for Human Rights Treaty ReportingElectronic access

New Haven Register (New Haven, CT)Electronic access

New HorizonElectronic access

New Ideas in PsychologyElectronic access

New InternationalistElectronic access

New Iraqi Journal of MedicineElectronic access

New Jersey HandbookElectronic access

New Jersey History Studies in State and Regional HistoryElectronic access

New Jersey HistoryElectronic access

New Jersey Law JournalElectronic access

New Jersey NurseElectronic access

New Journal of Glass and CeramicsElectronic access

New journal of physicsElectronic access

New labor forumElectronic access

New LeaderElectronic access

New Life JournalElectronic access

New literary historyElectronic access

New Materials AsiaElectronic access

New Materials JapanElectronic access

New media & societyElectronic access

New Media AgeElectronic access

New Media Age OnlineElectronic access

New Media CreativeElectronic access

New Media InvestorElectronic access

New Media Markets' UK Digital TelevisionElectronic access

New Media MarketsElectronic access

New Medical Therapies - HIVElectronic access

New Medical Therapies -- Parkinson's DiseaseElectronic access

New Mexico Business JournalElectronic access

New Mexico Journal of ScienceElectronic access

New Mexico nurseElectronic access

New MicrobiologicaElectronic access

New MoonElectronic access

New Moon GirlsElectronic access

New Moon NetworkElectronic access

New NATO Members: Security Consumers or Producers?Electronic access

New Old Age: Caring and CopingElectronic access

New Orleans CityBusinessElectronic access

New Orleans Homes & LifestylesElectronic access

New Orleans MagazineElectronic access

New Orleans ReviewElectronic access

New Partnerships for a New Era: Enhancing the South African Army's Stabilization Role in AfricaElectronic access

New Perspectives on Political EconomyElectronic access

New perspectives quarterlyElectronic access

The new phytologistElectronic access

New PoliticsElectronic access

New Product NewsElectronic access

New Products MagazineElectronic access

New Proposals Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary InquiryElectronic access

New remedies

New RenaissanceElectronic access

New RepublicElectronic access

New Review of BioethicsElectronic access

New Rules JournalElectronic access

New Salem Journal (New Salem, ND)Electronic access

New School Psychology BulletinElectronic access

New scientist

New scientistElectronic access

New scientist and science journal

New serial titles. Cumulation

New South Wales Public Health BulletinElectronic access

New StatesmanElectronic access

New Statesman & SocietyElectronic access

New SteelElectronic access

New Straits TimesElectronic access

New Technology WeekElectronic access

New technology, work and employmentElectronic access

New TekniquesElectronic access

New Testament studiesElectronic access

New theatre quarterlyElectronic access

New Times (Kigali, Rwanda)Electronic access

New TimesElectronic access

New TV StrategiesElectronic access

New Vegetarian & Natural HealthElectronic access

New views

New Vision (Uganda)Electronic access

New Voices A Journal for Emerging Scholars of Japanese Studies in Australia and New ZealandElectronic access

New Waves Educational Research and DevelopmentElectronic access

New York Amsterdam NewsElectronic access

New York DiamondsElectronic access

New York Family Law MonthlyElectronic access

The New York journal of dentistry

New York Journal of MathematicsElectronic access

New York Landlord v. TenantElectronic access

New York law journalElectronic access

New York medical journal

The New York medical quarterly

New York Real Estate Law ReporterElectronic access

New York State ConservationistElectronic access

New York state dental journalElectronic access

New York State journal of medicine

New York state nurse

The New York Times Book ReviewElectronic access

The New York times magazineElectronic access

New York Times UpfrontElectronic access

The New York TimesElectronic access

New York University journal of dentistry

New YorkerElectronic access

New YorkElectronic access

New Zealand Adventure GuideElectronic access

The New Zealand chiropractic journal / New Zealand Chiropractors Association Inc
New Zealand Chiropractors Association

New Zealand College of Midwives JournalElectronic access

New Zealand dental journal

New Zealand Economic PapersElectronic access

New Zealand family physicianElectronic access

New Zealand Forest Industries MagazineElectronic access

New Zealand geographerElectronic access

New Zealand International ReviewElectronic access

New Zealand Journal of Forestry ScienceElectronic access

New Zealand Journal of MathematicsElectronic access

New Zealand Journal of Medical Laboratory ScienceElectronic access

New Zealand Journal of Occupational TherapyElectronic access

New Zealand Journal of PhysiotherapyElectronic access

New Zealand Journal of PsychologyElectronic access

New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law & PolicyElectronic access

New Zealand journal of teachers workElectronic access

New Zealand ManagementElectronic access

New Zealand medical journalElectronic access

New Zealand Pocket AdventuresElectronic access

New Zealand Public Health Surveillance ReportElectronic access

The New-England journal of medicine and surgery, and the collateral branches of scienceElectronic access

The New-England medical review and journalElectronic access

Newborn and infant nursing reviews: NAINRElectronic access

Newfoundland and Labrador StudiesElectronic access

NewHope360.com (Online Exclusive)Electronic access

News & advance (Lynchburg, VA)Electronic access

News & Events - National Institutes of Health (NIH)Electronic access

News & NotesElectronic access

News & Notes (NPR)

News & Notes with Ed Gordon (NPR)Electronic access

News & observer (Raleigh, NC)Electronic access

News & Record (South Boston, VA)Electronic access

News - AAGMElectronic access

News / International Primate Protection League

News / Oregon Board of Dentistry

News Bites ExtraElectronic access

News Flash!Electronic access

News from Native CaliforniaElectronic access

News Herald (Morganton, NC)Electronic access

News Herald (Panama City, FL)Electronic access

News in physiological sciences : an international journal of physiology produced jointly by the International Union of Physiological Sciences and the American Physiological SocietyElectronic access

News notes / Consult OHSU

News notes of the board of directors / ALA Division of Cataloging and Classification

News notes of the executive board / ALA Division of Cataloging and Classification

News of the Cooperative Health Statistics System / U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, Office of Health Research, Statistics, and Technology, National Center for Health Statistics

News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)Electronic access

News TribuneElectronic access

News Virginian (Waynesboro, VA)Electronic access

News-Gazette (Champaign IL)Electronic access

News-Herald (Willoughby, OH)Electronic access

News-Item, TheElectronic access

News-Sentinel (Fort Wayne, IN)Electronic access

News-TopicElectronic access

News@nature.comElectronic access

Newsbytes PMElectronic access

NewsbytesElectronic access

Newsday (Melville, NY)Electronic access

Newsday (New York, NY)Electronic access

The Newshour with Jim LehrerElectronic access

Newsletter / International Primate Protection League

Newsletter / Mental Health Association of Oregon

Newsletter ArcheologiaElectronic access

Newsletter of biomedical safety & standardsElectronic access

Newsletter of the South Carolina Academy of ScienceElectronic access

Newsletter on NewslettersElectronic access

NewslineElectronic access

NewsmaxElectronic access

Newsmonthly/ American Dental Society of AnesthesiologyElectronic access
American Dental Society of Anesthesiology

Newspaper research journalElectronic access

NewsQuarterlyElectronic access

NewsRx Health & ScienceElectronic access

NewsRx HealthElectronic access

NewsweekElectronic access

Newsweek (Atlantic Edition)Electronic access

Newsweek (Pacific Edition)Electronic access

Newsweek.comElectronic access

NexoElectronic access

NexosElectronic access

Next Step: The Real WorldElectronic access

The nexus

Nexus Network Journal: Architecture & MathematicsElectronic access

Nexus: The International Henry Miller JournalElectronic access

NHL Journal of Medical SciencesElectronic access

NI 2012 Proceedings of the 11th International Congress on Nursing InformaticsElectronic access

NIBWA-Newsletter on International Buddhist Women's ActivitiesElectronic access

Nicaragua Adventure GuideElectronic access

Nicotine & tobacco research : official journal of the Society for Research on Nicotine and TobaccoElectronic access

Nida NotesElectronic access

NIDA research monograph

NIDCR Press ReleasesElectronic access

Nielsen Analytics PodcastElectronic access

Nieman ReportsElectronic access

Nigeria - HIV/AIDS Program Development Project: Ministry of Health (MOH) -Procurement Plan For Katsina StateElectronic access

Nigerian Journal of Basic and Clinical SciencesElectronic access

Nigerian journal of clinical practiceElectronic access

Nigerian Journal of MedicineElectronic access

Nigerian Journal of Physiological SciencesElectronic access

Nigerian Journal of SurgeryElectronic access

Nigerian Journal of Surgical ResearchElectronic access

Nigerian Medical JournalElectronic access

Night SkyElectronic access

Nightly Business ReportElectronic access

NIH consensus and state-of-the-science statementsElectronic access

NIH consensus statement

NIH guide for grants and contracts / U.S. Department of Health, Education, and WelfareElectronic access

NIH MedlinePlus : the magazineElectronic access

NIH telephone and service directory / National Institutes of Health
National Institutes of Health (U.S.)

Nilewide Marketing ReviewElectronic access

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NWHRC Health Center - Polycystic Ovarian SyndromeElectronic access

NWHRC Health Center - SchizophreniaElectronic access

NWHRC Health Center - Skin CancerElectronic access

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NWHRC Health Center - StressElectronic access

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NWHRC Health Center - Urinary Tract InfectionElectronic access

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